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The Daily Telegraph: Joanna Trollope: It’s sexist to call my novels ‘Aga Sagas’

She may be known as the Queen of the Aga saga, but Joanna Trollope claims that the moniker is sexist and “damaging” to her literary career.

The author, whose tales of rural intrigue have made her into a household name, said that the Aga saga tag had been applied to her novels as a result of gender discrimination within the literary establishment.

She said: “The whole Aga saga thing has been so damaging. People think I write about cosy rural communities, but I take quite a subversive stance on modern topics that might just help women realise they’re not alone.

“My feeling about it [sexism] is ‘deal with it’. You either think of some put-down or deal with it in a sophisticated, dispassionate manner.”

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