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Joanna talks to Linda Das in the Telegraph

Last week, Joana made headlines after she appeared to berate JK Rowling and other writers for their use of Twitter.  As she now explains in the interview: “For anyone who wants to be on Twitter, it’s absolutely fine, and I want you to emphasise that I’m not in the least critical of anybody who uses it,” she says firmly. “I just say that I don’t. I think for JK Rowling,  it’s different because her readership is comprised of children, young adults and adults and they’re fascinated by it…..Obviously, it would be very useful for me [as a writer] to be fascinated by it, but I’m not,” she says. “The aim of my novels isn’t to tell people what to think or to tell them how I think, it’s to get the conversation going.”

As part of the interview in the Telegraph, Linda mentions that, in July, Joanna appear at the Curious Arts Festival in Hampshire (“like a music festival with books added – it’s like being a rock star!”), and part of her discussion will be her latest novel, City of Friends.   Click to Read More… about Joanna’s life, her writing and her views.